Chelsea Culp prepares posters
for New Capital opening

Unpenitent Gallery Owner, from my tenebrist period, which is this weekend.
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Lisa Boumstein-Smalley, portrait

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Pilar, watching bacon

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Gill, in a brown study

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Rusty spots,
Type still readable
But the warning:
It will all crumble,
Sunlight eats lignin
The story will be powder
If you’ve improvidently left in the acid.

Fifteenth year, foxed in memory
Blind-embossed with parents’ music and dreams.


My first paid fashion shoot

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Hector Champi (because he was a boxing champion in Puerto Rico.)


Chicago postcard

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Dragonfly, limbo

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Breakfast with Spike

February, still, lives

Winter Grain at the Bridge Tender's

Road Salt
As Jimmy Doom says, "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate."

Ivy conflict



This was worlds colliding for Emily and me, splendidly.
See Emily's wonderful photos of the event on her blog.


"Quel che aboriscon vivo, aman dipinto"--Why?

Salvatore Rosa, in a satirical poem about painting, says, "What they abhor in life, they love in painting."
Sal was, I understand, talking about his patrons who paid heavy money for pictures of beggars, the malformed, and other unclubbable people. Why do we like this kind of art in paint, film, et al? Maybe it's related to laughing at slapstick; we're reassured that bad luck could happen, but hasn't. It went elsewhere, as if there's conservation of bad luck and the other guy got all that was available at the moment.


Kabocha squash soup with roasted pepitas...

at Province, on Jefferson, just south of Lake.
Squash dumplings with orange soup poured over them. Big spoon.