Fund raiser for Deborah's Place

The high rez version was projected in a hotel ballroom. Music by Clarence Fraher with interference by me. The featured actress is Gandlyn Ross, a dream to work with.
Thanks, Margaret Douglas, Deborah's Place board, for letting me help out.


My Artist Statement Video for Man Bartlett

Man is fun to direct and even his studio is telegenic.
Have a look; it's short.

Thanks, Susan Aurinko, of Flatfile Galleries, for being articulate and soignée.
Man's friend Nick Butcher did the music.


Filemaker Pro Advanced for the Apollonian lifestyle

After a decade or more of maundering about needing a big ole database of everyone I know and everything I've noted about them, I spent a couple days teaching myself Filemaker Pro.
Now everything is alphabetized, or in chronological order, or listed by zip code.
I'd always wanted to take open-ended notes while talking to someone, but the various databases I'd used, like Act! and Entourage had these dinky little windows for typing. So when I got to FMP, I looked at the tiny window for the Contact Management template and thought I can't have everything.
Then I found out that that field's capacity is measured in gigabytes AND I can create a layout where it's almost the whole screen, like a word processor. PLUS I figured out how to set a key combination that takes me instantly to that big notes view.
So go ahead, call me up, tell me something at length. I'll remember.