National Guard movie ad yelled at

A double bill at AMC's River East 21 in Chicago.
A recruiting ad for the National Guard started out harmlessly, connecting them to Revolutionary War irregulars.
Then the Guard is in Iraq and I asked my companion if she would yell "Bring them home!" with me and she did. That felt good.
Okay, the next show, same interminable ad, we decide to wait until the Iraq section and yell again.
"Bring them home!" and before the last phoneme is out people right behind us are yelling the same thing! And they're adding "Get rid of this militarist crap." and "We can complain to the theater on our way out."
Someone in the front row yelled, "But we have to support our troops" and the, by now, eight of us yelled, "Yes, bring them home."
My other companion wasn't yelling, but he's in mergers and acquisition in the defense industry, so he couldn't.


Crows in Snow

Dv's productions and exhibitions

1973 Bumbershoot Arts Festival, Seattle. Performance and installation. Diazo. 40' X 20'. Life-size silhouettes of festival attendees.

1992 Microcinema. "IdVision" Expanded video/performance. Actors onstage w/ projected color video, sound. Original score by Chris Dilaurenti and Mark Taylor-Canfield. Projector supplied by Gary Hill.

1992 "Zen Scroll" 35mm color film with sound. Creative Advisor.http://www.artspotsmedia.org/prod_zenscroll.html

1992 "Get Up and Dance" 35mm color film with sound. Actor and DV production documentary. http://www.artspotsmedia.org/prod_getupanddance.html

1999 "American Bohemian", narrative feature. Director of Photography, shot on location in Manhattan and Brooklyn, edited at Modern Media.

2001 "Mandala" Color video with sound. 2nd camera operator, digital stills. http://www.artspotsmedia.org/prod_mandala.html

2005 "Two Headed Cow", documentary feature directed by Tony Gayton. Produced background interview. Feature accepted to 2006 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival.

2005-06 "Paso Doble" Color video with sound. Short narrative, live action. Different language/culture versions, each 1'45". Filmmaker.

2006 Berliner Schule der Leuchtende Kunst Debut Solo Exhibition. Color videos with sound, various lengths. Abstracts and narratives.

Press Release: Leuchtendekunst Skandal

Dv’s latest embroglio:
What unnamed, but everybody knows who, society belle bared it all for his “New, Descending a Staircase” very moving picture at Donald Jung’s Gallery?
The images are too abstracted to ID her, but clear enough to know that you want to.
“A gentleman never tells,” Dv assured us, then clammed up.
Flash: A cellphone video of her blabbing it all, over raw gin and sweetmeats in a River West boite…
“Yeah, that’s me; I’m not planning on running for congress. But I just wish I’d get some bloody credit for staying in shape!” she flounced.
Neither confirmed nor denied by Dv, who notes that the attention is helping sales.

¡Vivan Los Osos!
Packers 7 Bears 35

Pleasures, future

More facts
More integration of facts
Changing aesthetics, broadening, more inclusive
New pleasurable associations and memories
Extended media, a la extended cinema; immersive
Obscure cultures revealed and enjoyed
New conversation venues
New conversants


Pleasures, catalog

01 Sapere Aude
01 campfire descant on “The Ash Grove”
01 Aha!
02 Bernard Purdy’s drumming on Tim Rose’s “Hey Joe”
03 Black hair, blue eyes
03 Otters
04 The Negro Leagues Cafe
05 Leuchstendekunst, Berlin Shule der
06 Spengler, “Soul of the City” section
07 Camarguaise horses sans bulls
08 Mnemosene
Encyclopedia Britannica’s page stock in the 9th Edition
10 Pygea--callo- and sometimes steato-
07 Skating flooded woods to Rt7
14 Four bright people, all talking at once
16 Thick eyebrows, almost meeting
18 “Love, unrequited” patter song
20 Chequessett
21 Autochromes
22 Foxing
28 Black turtleneck sweaters
25 Stockbridge, foggy 3am horseback ride, incl sidewalks
30 Parallel tenths
31 “Y Llegaste tu” tuba
32 “Milord” compulsive singing in the Dodge
33 Mississippi John Hurt
34 Quartal/quintal vox
35 Brass choir in Low Rotunda
36 Jewel McGowan



"Time gives birth to space, but space gives death to time."


Millennium Park + Pritzger Initiative

Priztger kicked it into gear.
The family had given Gehry the Pritzger Prize. So when they wanted someone to spiff up the SOM beaux arts design, he was invited to decorate someone's arch. He took the call but said that he's not a design doctor for someone else's mistakes. He wants a big project or nothing.
Pritzgers tell the city they'll give heavy bread if FG gets the gig. Like 5-10 million or something in that order of magnitude. Shalom and begorrah, he gets the gig. Do a band shell but it has to be sculpture so it doesn't contravene the covenant of the park being open and clear or something.
Then everyone wants in and pretty soon, the extremely past-pull date SOM cast concrete is out (except for a little remnant with geraniums and spindles like ladies' calves), and the whole project is shot in Freak-O-Scope.
Every family named after a crane or an auditorium is bidding for the bike shelter or the fountain or the garden.
It's the next best thing to a copse. If it has to be artifacts, not trees and sky, it's pretty good.


Please, no personal insults on the neighborhood listserve

Board members,
Please don't let people, even board members, post personal insults on this list.
Just so we all know where the line is, if someone wrote in to say a board member was an ignorant, loud-mouthed bully with a bad temper, a liar, and an insult to the honorable, decent Latino community he claims to represent, that would be personal, and it HAS NO PLACE on this listserve.
On the other hand, if they said he broke the bylaws and helped another board member break the by laws and state laws of corporate governance and isn't even embarrassed about it, that he should be kicked out, now that would be germane to the organization's functioning. It would be personally distasteful to me to hear it, but, well, it's allowed, I suppose.
But this other personal stuff, like calling someone a weasely, near-sighted lout, I'm sorry but I just can't be part of an organization where that happens.
¡Mejor solo que mal acompanado!

Yr. Neighbor