My local full-service tire shop

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In case you had any doubts, it's set in stone

The Meanderthal in the Dromosphere

I stole both those words but not for evil ends. I recommend the flaneur as a temporary street mode. Maybe you have an errand but not a deadline. Fine. Walk there, not texting.
Be ready to offer directions to strangers fumbling with maps. My favorite approach line, "Are you finding your way okay?" lets them assert competence or accept help.
Notice changes. It's harder to notice the unchanged, but have a shot there, too.
After a bit of this, you'll have new bases for art and politics or just a good chat, but the walk is its own payoff.


Sarah Van Ingelgom cooks

She's visiting partly for Art Chicago.
This was her father's recipe, which wowed her every time he cooked it.
Her gallery in Hong Kong is The Blue Lotus.
Just so the record is clear, she's neither tilted nor fuzzy.