National Guard movie ad yelled at

A double bill at AMC's River East 21 in Chicago.
A recruiting ad for the National Guard started out harmlessly, connecting them to Revolutionary War irregulars.
Then the Guard is in Iraq and I asked my companion if she would yell "Bring them home!" with me and she did. That felt good.
Okay, the next show, same interminable ad, we decide to wait until the Iraq section and yell again.
"Bring them home!" and before the last phoneme is out people right behind us are yelling the same thing! And they're adding "Get rid of this militarist crap." and "We can complain to the theater on our way out."
Someone in the front row yelled, "But we have to support our troops" and the, by now, eight of us yelled, "Yes, bring them home."
My other companion wasn't yelling, but he's in mergers and acquisition in the defense industry, so he couldn't.

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