Dv's productions and exhibitions

1973 Bumbershoot Arts Festival, Seattle. Performance and installation. Diazo. 40' X 20'. Life-size silhouettes of festival attendees.

1992 Microcinema. "IdVision" Expanded video/performance. Actors onstage w/ projected color video, sound. Original score by Chris Dilaurenti and Mark Taylor-Canfield. Projector supplied by Gary Hill.

1992 "Zen Scroll" 35mm color film with sound. Creative Advisor.http://www.artspotsmedia.org/prod_zenscroll.html

1992 "Get Up and Dance" 35mm color film with sound. Actor and DV production documentary. http://www.artspotsmedia.org/prod_getupanddance.html

1999 "American Bohemian", narrative feature. Director of Photography, shot on location in Manhattan and Brooklyn, edited at Modern Media.

2001 "Mandala" Color video with sound. 2nd camera operator, digital stills. http://www.artspotsmedia.org/prod_mandala.html

2005 "Two Headed Cow", documentary feature directed by Tony Gayton. Produced background interview. Feature accepted to 2006 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival.

2005-06 "Paso Doble" Color video with sound. Short narrative, live action. Different language/culture versions, each 1'45". Filmmaker.

2006 Berliner Schule der Leuchtende Kunst Debut Solo Exhibition. Color videos with sound, various lengths. Abstracts and narratives.

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