Filemaker Pro Advanced for the Apollonian lifestyle

After a decade or more of maundering about needing a big ole database of everyone I know and everything I've noted about them, I spent a couple days teaching myself Filemaker Pro.
Now everything is alphabetized, or in chronological order, or listed by zip code.
I'd always wanted to take open-ended notes while talking to someone, but the various databases I'd used, like Act! and Entourage had these dinky little windows for typing. So when I got to FMP, I looked at the tiny window for the Contact Management template and thought I can't have everything.
Then I found out that that field's capacity is measured in gigabytes AND I can create a layout where it's almost the whole screen, like a word processor. PLUS I figured out how to set a key combination that takes me instantly to that big notes view.
So go ahead, call me up, tell me something at length. I'll remember.

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