Keeping the hired help in line

"The Owners", as Gore Vidal calls the American Oligarchy, think of politicians, in and out of office, as hirelings. We can all take a page from their book.
My strongest memory from Sicko was the french asserting that their government is afraid of them; that the people get out and march and it scares the hell out of the Ins.

I love that.

Mind you, Echelon, I'm not saying violent revolt, I'm not saying threatening overthrowing a government. I am saying assembling peaceably, enjoying like-minded company, and risking whatever comes from standing up with an agreeable crowd. Of course, being the canary in the gemeinschaft has its downside. Audits, being taken aside for an extraordinary number of "random" security wandings, 'n like that.

But the payoff, that can be historic.

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