So I didn't have a career as a writer...

But if I had, here’s my latest:

Click for a closer look.

Frontispiece by Hussein Chalayan
Illustrations by Tony Fitzpatrick

This is for Lynn. Thanks again.

All the extra words in this are my fault; all that aren’t in this are John Yohalem’s.
Thanks to Mishka at the Welfleet Chowder House for wi-fi and juice.
Thanks to Nancy Herring and John Balfe for failing to talk me out of it, Nick Licata, Nick Iversen, Susan Sontag, Josie Drexel Duke, Alison, Massey Ferguson, O’Rinko, Cortez and his runners, my urologist for the vasectomy that made all this possible, and, of course, Jinxy.

[Insert book here]

Thanks for reading the whole thing. Now you know.

This book is set in Mock Roman Extended.


Gregory said...

You are too, too clever. I love it!

man said...

Ahahahah Mock Roman Extended. Too funny.